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PLIX GROUP provide professional IT consultancy services across a wide range of industries, with solutions tailored to meet our clients needs. With experience delivering complex global solutions, Plix Group manage projects of all shapes and sizes from inception to completion, adding value throughout the life-cycle by drawing on our expertise and the ability to get the best from those we work with.

Plix Group allow businesses to use our strength to better serve their customers through using the appropriate technologies as recommended and implemented by a consultancy you can depend on. Your dedicated consultant will work with you diligently to identify the correct solution, design it's delivery and move mountains to make it happen.

The Importance of Your WAN

Secure connectivity between your company sites and to the outside world can be a costly undertaking due to the number of options, locations & restriction to go hand in hand with telecom providers. Plix Group are experienced in delivering WAN solutions on a massive scale, introducing new technologies to save our clients time, effort and money whilst improving their service bandwidth, circuit stability and reaching those “out of the way” locations. We do this by leveraging volume, condensing your providers under one contract (where possible), leaving one point of contact to manage & maintain your WAN. Contact us to find out more information.

Outsource Your Worries

Outsourcing areas of IT can be a beneficial to companies that have the need to utilise a large resource pool on demand but do not have the in-house expertise or volume of employees. Our experts will assess your requirements, identify a suitable bid pool, build the Request For Proposal [RFP] documentation, manage the review and recommendation stage through to the best outcome for your company. Contact us to find out more information.

Growth Through Efficiency

Recent times have seen pressure from all sides to reduce costs. One thing that is forgotten is that technology gets cheaper over time however, we still find that vendors will increase this years subscription over the previous with or in many cases above inflation. If your costs are increasing without the progression of enhancements you’d expect, Plix Group will perform a complete audit of your existing contracts, negotiate more favourable terms with those vendors to receive greater value and/or investigate alternative solutions that may be better suited to your requirements. We’ve saved our clients millions over the years, call to find out more information.


  • Vendor Contract Management
  • Expenditure Audit
  • Business Analysis
  • Outsource Partner Tender Processes
  • Wide Area Network Transition and Transformation
  • Project & Programme Management

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